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Baliem Valley Tour

  • 8 Days
  • Tribes
  • Easy

During Baliem Valley tour, we will take you to experience an exciting adventure by exploring the Baliem Valley and their unique, primitive traditions and way of life of the tribes who live in the valley.

Baliem valley itself is located in Wamena regency in Irian Jaya, Western Part of Papua New Guinea, which is well known as the home of the Dani tribe, one of the famous tribes in the highland.

Dani Tribe of Baliem Valley

To reach the site, one needs to fly from Jakarta or Bali to Jayapura (flights available every day). From Jayapura, we need to take another flight to Wamena. Wamena is the main entrance gate to the villages in the hinterland.

This tribal adventure takes you back to the so-called prehistoric age era, when the wheel, candle, or even iron tolls are not invented yet. Our trip offers you a deeper sight of the life and culture of the locals who are still living in their round shape house (honai), some of them still wearing a grass skirt and penis gourd. Walking and trekking on through mountains and hills, passing from village to villages, see the locals at work, meet them at their compound. 

Baliem Valley tour brings you to explore spectacular view, towering hills and mountains,  widely spread valley and deep ravines, flowing rivers, fertile farmland, small villages perching on the hillside, peaceful nature, ice freezing air in the night, and, no wonder if some called this as the Shangri-La, the home of the Dani tribe.

  • Upon arrival at Jayapura Airport between 07 – 08.00 am, meeting service by our local staff and then assisted to fly on Trigana within 40 minutes to Wamena.
  • On arriving at Wamena airport, transfer to your hotel the Baliem Pilamo
  • then proceed to visit Napua hill & Sinatma village, drive down to the town for having lunch.
  • continue to Wesaput village to see the hanging bridge, local market, and surroundings.
  • Back to your hotel overnight stay.

Hotel plan: Baliem Pilamo Hotel or  Grand Santika.

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Transferred by car within 35 minutes – 1 hour to Sogokmo in the South of Baliem valley.
  • Start to have a day trek to explore some small villages of Kurima district for about 4-5 hours to Wesaput passing through Dani sweet potatoes gardens and cross a hanging bridge over Baliem river.
  • Along the trail, you will see the local people's activities and enjoy the beautiful scenery as well.
  • Lunch box will be provided en-route.
  • overnight stay at the hotel.

Hotel plan: Baliem Pilamo Hotel or Grand Santika.

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Around 09.00 AM, we drive from Hotel to Aikima Village about 25 minutes as a starting point for trekking.
  • today will be easy-moderate trekking  it will take about 3.5 Hours with nice landscape trough Dani Village  like Pabuma and Suroba also we will pass by sweet potato garden, along with the trekking some time we cross the small river with the traditional bridge also we will  meet local people working in a farm
  • lunch will be served en route
  • afternoon back to the hotel.

Hotel plan: Baliem Pilamo Hotel or  Grand Santika.

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • start trekking to Sekan Mountain trough the Dani villages and sweet potato garden along the way we will enjoy beautiful panorama surrounding the trekking will be down and walk up the mountain from Sekan village
  • continue to Puroba Village the trail will be same from the beginning today we will walk about 3 – 4 hours
  • lunch will be served en route
  • afternoon walk back to the resort for an overnight stay.

Hotel plan: Baliem Pilamo Hotel or  Grand Santika.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • proceed to Obia Village (not too far from Jiwika). This village is one of the Dani villages which is still preserved in their old way of life, penis gourd, grass skirt, and round shape house (honai).
  • Here, we will hold a pig feast and war dance. These 2 attractions allow you to have an insight view of the prehistoric age culture. In the past, any kind of problem can erupt a big war between tribes. It can be women, land possession, pig, etc. A war usually ends temporarily until one party gets loose. Today they will show us how the tribal war looks like. All adult men will come to the battlefield with their body ornaments. Spear, arrow, bone knives are taken by them. After the war ended, they will kill a pig and cooked together. Another interesting attraction of the Dani tribe. They cook the pork together with some sweet potatoes, grass, and vegetables on the hot stones. Almost no ingredients added. This cooking can take about 3 hours or so.
  • Proceed to Anemoigi and Sumpaima villages, about 10 minutes ride from Obia, where we will see a 250 years old mummy at one of the old houses here.
  • Lunch box provided.
  • Also, we will visit the natural cave at Wosilimo village.
  • Stay overnight at the hotel

Hotel plan: Baliem Pilamo Hotel or  Grand Santika.

  • Breakfast
  • Drive through Wosi to Miagema Village around one Hour, arrive in Mieagema 
  • Start to walk about 20 minutes down to Baliem Riverside then cross Baliem River Bay Canoe to go to Pumo Village.  The distance between the riverside just take 7 minutes by canoe One canoe possible for 2 people,
  • arrive in Pumo Village we will see Old Mummy of the chief of the tribe
  • lunch box will be served in the Village
  • Walk back to Miagema Village for about one hour but we take another way, not by canoe...
  • Drive to Wadangku Village to see the beautiful scenery
  • In the afternoon drive back to Wamena

Hotel plan: Baliem Pilamo Hotel or  Grand Santika.

  • breakfast at the hotel,
  • transfer to Wamena airport for your flight back to Jayapura.
  • Arrival Jayapura.
  • a full day sightseeing tour to visit; Sentani lake. Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • After lunch, continued to visit the Anthropology museum, Hamadi market, and Jayapura city.
  • Afternoon check in to the Aston Jayapura hotel.
  • After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight to your next destination
  • End of our services


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