Bukit Lawang Trekking 9D

  • 9 Days
  • Wildlife
  • Moderate

Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking trip to get a unique experience of life in the tropical rainforest. Explore deeper into the jungle, stay overnight at different camps inside Gunung Leuser National Park, Jambur Batu River, Landak River, and Bohorok River. Searching for exotic wildlife as well as beautiful flora while hiking up and down the hills and crossing small rivers.

Learn how the local people here survive in the Bukit Lawang jungle. They would be so pleased to show you how to distinguish edible plants, medicinal plants, or poisonous plants. It’s a traditional jungle survival knowledge that you will learn and experience during this trip. Depending on your luck, this jungle is also the habitat for Sumatran Tigers. If you are lucky, there is a chance to see Sumatran Tigers! You have to be really fit and healthy enough to trek for several moderate hours each day. You will be accompanied by our experienced English-speaking guide team, porters, and cook.

Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Prices

Bukit Lawang trekking prices depend on the number of participants and trekking duration, the cheaper price quoted per person, and vice-versa. We will guarantee that the price is worth the trip. Discuss more with our trip planner.

Just inform our tour planner if you need to customize the Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking itinerary. A combination with Tangkahan

  • Arrived in Medan, pick up service by our guide team then transfer to your hotel in Medan for an overnight.
  • Free time at your own leisure.
  • After breakfast, drive about more or less 3 hours, about 85 km to Bukit Lawang.  The road sometimes might be bumpy however you can see plantation area passing rubber and palm oil plantation.
  • Arrived in Bukitlawang, check in at the lodge and preparing for lunch as well as continue for afternoon trek to the jungle after lunch.
  • It’s time to look for orangutan, Thomas Leaf Monkey, Siamang Gibbon, and many others.
  • Back to the lodge for overnight.

Notes :

Do sort out stuff you need during trekking and stay overnight at the jungle and the rest stuffs you do not need during the trek can be stored in the lodge and you can pick them up again after several day treks back to the lodge

  • Breakfast and start trekking.  After a short walk you will enter the national park and pass the old orangutan feeding area which is still highly popular with semi-wild orangutans.
  • Continue trekking through the rainforest going deeper into the jungle while having a bigger chance to see wildlife there. 
  • Lunch prepare by our guide team in the jungle
  • In the late afternoon, arrivde at the charming Jambur Batu River next to a big waterfall. Swim, relax and enjoy afternoon coffee and tea.
  • For dinner, our team will prepare the local Indonesian fresh healthy food over an open campfire. 
  • Stay overnight at a temporary jungle tent or doom tent in the jungle. Tents, air-mattress, pillows, and sleeping bags will make your jungle sleep comfortable.
  • Breakfast and start a trek over 6 hours towards the Landak River. Trek deeper in the jungle. While going deeper into the rainforest your chances of encountering wildlife will increase. The terrain is steep, but the views will be spectacular.
  • At noon we will prepare a simple jungle lunch on the top of a hill. The fantastic scenery in the national park will be a memorable experience for you.
  • The campsite for the second night will be next to the big Landak River where you will arrive in the late afternoon. There is a big chance to see wild orangutans and black gibbons. 
  • Breakfast and discover the deeper jungle while hiking further upstream along Landak River to Uning, a small pond shaped by nature. If you are lucky you can spot the Sumatran tiger, deer, wild boar and other animals of the tropical rainforest.
  • The third night you will spend at a campsite on the Landak River. (Spend at least 2 days here for those who really love spotting wildlife).

Note: This place is the ideal place to spot wildlife. It’s a place where all the animals gather together. You can spend some more days in Uning (or the mineral lick small ponds) where animals can go essential mineral nutrients from a deposit of salts and other minerals. Many animals regularly visit mineral licks to consume clay, supplementing their diet with nutrients and minerals.

  • Breakfast and continue trekking through the jungle, heading for Bohorok River for about 5 hours.
  • In the afternoon you can relax and swim at the campsite. If you are lucky you can observe the Sumatran monitor lizards, tortoises and colorful river with butterflies around the campsite. Being in the jungle at night is a completely contrasting experience; there are different animals, different sounds and of course a sky full or stars. 
  • Free time enjoying the jungle. This is the start of a free day with waking up late, having breakfast, swimming or just relaxing in the camp.
  • Return to Bukit Lawang with 2.5 hours full of fun! Your “jungle taxi” will take you back by traditional tube-rafting down the Bohorok River – a very special and exciting way to finish your trekking adventure through the Sumatran jungle.
  • Upon arrival in Bukit Lawang, check-in at the lodge and pick up your stuff you leave in the lodge.
  • Breakfast and transfer to Medan or continue your trip to the other destination.

FAUNA: 92 endemic species have been identified in Gunung Leuser National Park alone. Moreover, it is the only place in the world where the big Asian mammals tiger, orangutan, rhino and elephant share the same habitat. Another 130 mammal species, of which eight are primates, live in the park. Additionally, the rainforest is home to over 380 birds and 4,000 different plants.

FLORA : The flora contains approximately 10.000 plant species, including the spectacular Rafflesia Arnoldi and Amorphophallus titanum, the biggest and the highest flower in the world.

Among those wildlife, some major species commonly seen:

  • Sumatran orangutan
  • Thomas's langur (Thomas leaf monkey) - unique to northern Sumatra
  • Silvery lutung (silver leaf monkey)
  • Wreathed hornbill
  • Siamang (black gibbon)
  • Sumatran lar gibbon (white-handed gibbon)
  • Crab-eating macaque (long-tailed macaque)
  • Southern pig-tailed macaque
  • Sunda slow loris
  • Wild boar (banded pig)
  • Water monitor
  • Great argus (Sumatran peacock)
  • Reticulated python
  • Wagler's pit viper
  • Asiatic softshell turtle
  • Red giant flying squirrel
  • Malayan giant squirrel
  • Lesser mouse-deer

Some of the groups of birds you can see in the national park include:

  • Hornbills
  • the Great Argus Pheasant
  • Barbets - the Asian Barbets
  • The Malaysian honeyguide - unlike African honeyguides, although this bird eats beeswax, it does not guide humans to their nests
  • the Woodpeckers
  • Sumatran tiger
  • Sumatran rhinoceros
  • Sumatran elephant
  • Malayan sun bear
  • Clouded leopard


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