West Papua

Climb Carstensz Pyramid

  • 7 Days
  • Volcano
  • Challenging

We are rescheduling TREKKING Expedition departure due current situation in Sugapa (starting point of Trekking Expedition).  Current situation on Carstensz is only reliable ( safe, secure, smooth & success ) with HELICOPTER Expedition.

ADVENTURE INDONESIA organize  Carstensz Helicopter Expedition  for climbers with very limited time. Flights directly with helicopter to Yellow Valley (4,300 M ASL) just below Carstensz wall,  summit bid and return to Timika by Helicopter. It is a very fast expedition, focusing in summit bid, without trekking part (05 Days trekking in + 04 Days trekking out), supporting with best  guiding team. It is 05 Days program, could be faster!

Helicopter expedition has no Trekking part at all. Climber flight directly from Timika (Zero Sea Level) using helicopter to Yellow Valley (4,300 m asl), directly below the Carstensz wall. We do summit climb just below of the Carstensz wall, without passing any villages, tribal area, jungles, or meadow. Local weather is key factor that determine HELICOPTER flight chance.

You can completed the Climbing in 03 days. Very fast and efficient in time, surely we prepare logistics for few days more to anticipate that we should wait for good weather.

Use MI Helicopter / B3 Helicopter with great loading capacity and high altitude flight specification for the most effective Carstensz Pyramid Expedition.


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