West Papua

Climb Carstensz Pyramid

  • 7 Days
  • Volcano
  • Challenging

Adventure Indonesia has been operating the Carstensz Pyramid expedition since 1998 with the highest success rate.

Originally, there are 2 tracks to reach the Carstensz Basecamp, which are via trekking or helicopter. However, due to the current situation happening in Sugapa (the starting point of the Trekking Expedition) and for the security & safety of the climbers, the access to Carstensz Basecamp would only be via helicopter from Timika.

Our Monthly 2021 Departure Dates will be released as soon as the situation allows. We make sure that our team will continue following the CHS (Cleanliness, Health, Safety) protocol. To ensure the hygiene and safety of all our crews and clients, the following safety regulation will be applied for our future trips.

  • SINGLE SHARE TENT – one tent per person
  • Big dining tent – to allow physical distancing
  • Each person will be provided Hand Sanitizer and disposable masks
  • All tent, climbing gears, eating utensils, and equipment will be disinfected regularly

Climbers may also bring personal sanitation, masks, vitamins, and immunity boosters that are suitable, to add comfort and confidence in climbing. Always obey your government and Indonesian government policy.  

It is a 05 days program, which could be faster! Flights directly with a helicopter from Timika (zero Sea Level) to Yellow Valley (4,300 M ASL) just below Carstensz wall. After the summit bid, return back to Timika by Helicopter. It is a very fast expedition, focusing on summit bid, without trekking part, passing any village, tribal area, jungles, or meadow. Local weather is a key factor that determines HELICOPTER flight chances.

You can complete the Climbing in 03 days. Very fast and efficient in time. Surely you are supported by our best mountain guide team. We prepare enough logistics to anticipate that we should wait for good weather for a few more days.

To reach base camp, we use MI Helicopter / B3 Helicopter with great loading capacity and high altitude flight specification.

Tylorean traverse is one of the most used methods in the world of mountain climbing and various outdoor activities. It is a method of crossing free space between two high points on a rope without a hanging cart or other similar things. 

During Carstensz Pyramid climbing, the tyrolean traverse method is an amazing part that must be passed before stepping their foot on top of the Carstensz. It is also commonly called Burma Bridge. 

Ranged about 50m and 500m deep, the tyrolean traverse in Carstensz that being used now are consists of three ropes. It is tied using anchor between two-points for right and left-hand holders along with one rope for a foothold. 

To pass the Carstensz tyrolean traverse, climbers must pay attention before climbing:

  • During snowy weather, the rope will be covered in ice. There is a chance of being slipped while crossing the tyrolean traverse if the climber does not notice.
  • Climber must also pay attention if the safety harness and carabiner has been installed properly.
  • The direction of the wind and wind speed is also necessary to be paid attention to. When the climbers passing through during strong winds, the tyrolean traverse will move by itself.
  • The last but most important thing for climbers who will pass the traverse tyrolean is that they need to be mentally strong.


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