Cycling Adventure

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After breakfast we head to Carangsari village for fun cycling into the heartland of Bali with a tour along the back roads of Carangsari, and be granted a glimpse into the daily life and vibrant culture of Bali. The tour, suitable for guests of all ages and physical condition, includes a visit to a typical Balinese household, entering Bali elephant camp, have a quick stop and visit the camp & chocolate factory, a stopover at the memorial of I Gusti Ngurah Rai, a national hero and namesake of Bali’s airport born in Carangsari, and ends with a close encounter with the surprisingly well-mannered monkeys inhabiting the sacred nutmeg forest at Sangeh. Lunch is served overlooking panoramic vistas.

At 7 am we check out from hotel in Ubud to central Bali area.

We drive to Penelokan village in Kintamani area to start our cycling adventure with mountain bike through the heartland of Bali, travelling downhill on secret back roads and minor village roads with little traffic, experiencing typical Balinese daily life and enjoying the beautiful Balinese countryside. We ride through lush forested areas, plantations full of Balinese staples and cash crops (cloves, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, tapioca, taro, local vegetables and exotic tropical fruits). We have numerous stops on the way, including a visit to a Balinese home/compound, (where you get to see firsthand how the Balinese live outside the tourist areas), a Balinese plantation (where you learn of the medicinal and culturally important uses of local plants, the process of making coffee and see many of the spices you have used in cooking and tropical fruits growing in their natural environment. We also get to sample many exotic tropical fruits, local herbal teas and coffees, including Coffee Luwak, the unusually produced and most expensive coffee in the world).


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