Ketambe Jungle Trekking

  • 7 Days
  • Wildlife
  • Moderate

Ketambe jungle trekking inside Gunung Leuser National Park to explore the WILD SUMATRA ORANGUTAN. There are only very few places in Indonesia where you still can observe REAL WILD Orangutans in their natural habitat. One is in Ketambe, part of the Gunung Leuser National Park. The possibility to see wild orangutans in the rainforest during Ketambe jungle trekking is nearly 100 percent.

The Hidden Paradise for Wild Sumatra Orangutans

Ketambe is a small, quiet and remote village in the most south of Aceh. Besides Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra, Ketambe is an official entrance to the Gunung Leuser National Park to see wild Sumatra Orangutans, black and white-handed Gibbons, Hornbills, Thomas Leaf Monkey, Pig Tail Monkey as well as the exotic Rafflesia Arnoldi and others endemic fauna and flora of Sumatra as well as hundreds of huge tree, clean and freshwater river as well as hot water spring deep in the dense tropical rain forest. It’s a hidden paradise for wildlife lovers.

Ketambe is a small but charming village, it’s NOT SO TOURISTIC PLACE but blessing with the rich of rare fauna and flora of Sumatera.  Jungle Trekking Ketambe to explore the beauty of the dense tropical rain forest of Sumatera.

Best time for Ketambe Jungle Trekking

Based on experience, the best time to visit Ketambe is between August – December. It’s the fruit season where the wild Sumatran orangutan, Hornbill, Thomas Leaf monkey and other endemic exotic wildlife of Sumatra foraging for foods. However, in other months is also possible to visit this area as sometimes the fruit season also changes due to global warming.

If you are traveling out of the fruit season, then you will need to explore deeper into the jungle to meet the wild Orangutan Sumatran.

Ketambe or Bukit Lawang ?

If you really love Sumatra orangutan and other endemic wildlife of Sumatra living free at their natural habitat, you also can combine, Ketambe Jungle Trekking with Bukit Lawang.

As the Ketambe jungle trekking is mostly up and down the hill, crossing the river, more chance to having rain (we will enter the tropical rain forest of Sumatra) we highly suggest using trekking pole, rubber boots, poncho (rain jackets) always handy at your day pack. Not so many mosquitoes as we will be in the highland but sometimes leeches.  Remember that this is the BEST place to spot WILD SUMATRAN ORANGUTAN living free at their natural habitat of Gunung Leuser National Park where the famous actor Leonardo di Caprio spent some of his busiest time to visit this place.

  • Pick up from Medan airport 
  • Drive to Berastagi, a midsize and cool town on the highland of Karo. Karo is the sub-clan of the Batak tribe. Berastagi is an ideal place for refreshing. This town is surrounded by towering mountains and small Karonese village where the local grows fruits and vegetables.
  • Before we arrive at Berastagi, stop at Peceren village to observe the traditional Karo Batak houses (many of them are ruined at the moment),
  • visiting the local market at Berastagi where locals sell and buy fruits, flowers, and vegetables which are plenty on the vicinity of the town. We will spend app 7 hours on the car today.
  • Stay at the hotel in Berastagi.

Accommodation :

  • Berastagi is surrounded by a towering volcano (Mount Sibayak, 2,212-meter asl, and the currently exploding Mt. Sinabung, 2,460 meters above sea level) and mountains which allows fertile land for farming. This highland is famous for its agricultural products. Among them are flowers, potato, carrot, cabbages, and many other kinds of vegetables. 
  • Climb Mount Sibayak Volcano, you may need approximately 4 hours to reach the summit and another 2 hrs to the foot.
  • After climbing, back to Berastagi for overnight.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Drive for 4 - 5 hours to Kutacane. 
  • Then drive one more hour to Ketambe. 
  • Transfer to your local accommodation in Ketambe (about 300 m ASL).
  • Check-in and free time at your own leisure. You can walk around the nice village of Ketambe which surrounding by the jungle.  Prepare for the next day trekking, separate the stuff that you need during trekking and the others will be left in the guest house in a locked room.
  • Meals (B, L, D)


  • Breakfast at the guest house in Ketambe
  • Start to trek. First, about 20 minutes away we will trek on the asphalt road before then crossing entering the jungle and starting an ascending and descending the hills.
  • Search for wild orangutan, gibbon, Thomas Leaf Monkey, Hornbill and other endemic wildlife of Sumatra.
  • The trek is up and down the hill and some part passing small stream. Ketambe jungle blessing by hundreds of huge trees.  
  • After about 2 hours of trekking, we arrive at Camp 1 (about 545 M ASL). Setting our “temporary plastic tent” then having lunch.
  • Then explore more for endemic wildlife as well as exotic flora.
  • Stay overnight at the “temporary tent”. Here you can swim or just dip inside the fresh clean water (B, L, D).
  • After breakfast
  • we will pack then trekking to search for orangutan and other endemic wildlife of Sumatra. As you may in the jungle you will have the opportunity something different during your trekking.
  • We will ascend the hills surrounding with the beautiful trees and always keep our eyes and ear searching for endemic wildlife in this exotic jungle.
  • After about another 2 hours, we will arrive at Camp 2 (about 660 M ASL).
  • Setting our camp and having lunch.  Our Camp is close to the hot spring so you can enjoy this natural hot spring by crossing the river and walk about 5 - 10 minutes away from our camp (depend on which place we set the campsite).
  • Trekking around the campsite to search for orangutan and other wildlife.
  • Stay overnight at the Camp 2. (B, L, D)

We choose to overnight at Camp 2 as this is the BEST place than Camp 1. Camp 2 has the easiest way to access the water plus you have more time to enjoy the natural hot spring. 

  • After breakfast
  • starting to trek around and passing Camp 3 (790 M ASL) searching for orangutan and other endemic wildlife of Sumatra. You will be impressed with some more hundred of huge trees beside exotic flora and fauna of Sumatra.
  • Then we trek to the waterfall (about 705 M ASL)
  • having light lunch here.
  • Enjoy the fresh waterfall while it is possible also for spotting wildlife.
  • In the afternoon, we are going back by a different trail for about 1 – 2 hours to reach the local guest house. We cross the river and trekking back to the guest house. (B, L, D)
  • Early breakfast
  • Ready to transfer to Medan Airport


  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Land transport
  • Stay at hotel / lodge as per program in twin share basis
  • Daily breakfast at hotel / lodge
  • National park ranger / local guide
  • 1 x climbing to Mt. Sibayak
  • 1 x rafting trip (or we replace by full day trekking) in Ketambe
  • Air tickets
  • Airport tax, airport porter
  • Any kinds of insurance
  • Laundry, phone call, food and beverage at hotel
  • Any other personal expenses
  • Tickets for your cameras


  • Tailor Made Program
  • Flexible Departure Date
  • Private Trip
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