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Raja Ampat tour to explore the jewel of eastern Indonesia. The archipelago is located in West Papua Province, off the northwest tip of Bird’s head of the peninsula. Raja Ampat literally means four kings, the name represents the four largest islands in the archipelago: Waigeo, Misol, Batanta, and Salawati.

Dubbed as a scuba diver’s paradise, the area is strategically located in the center of the coral triangles and is known to have the richest marine biodiversity on the planet. For that reason, most tourists come to Raja Ampat only to experience its underwater beauty. However, Raja Ampat has so much more to discover beyond the underwater activities. With its endless natural beauty, remoteness and the local community -tourism; Raja Ampat offers the kind of experience you won’t find in other destinations. And of course, island hopping is one of the best activities in Raja Ampat.


Most people remember Raja Ampat from the photograph of the beautiful atoll of Wayag. Yes, Wayag is the icon of Raja Ampat. Being the icon of Raja Ampat, the stunning panorama of Wayag Island is featured on Raja Ampat’s tourism promotion. Wayag is an uninhabited island, situated northwest of Waigeo Island. Getting to this Raja Ampat’s icon is not easy but definitely well worth the effort. If you start from Waisai of Waigeo Island, it takes around a 3-4 hour journey by speedboat. Visiting Wayag is incomplete without climbing the steep and rocky hill to get to the viewpoint, which takes about 30 – 40 minutes (depends on fitness level), where you can enjoy the 360-degree view of the stunning panorama of unique karts formation beautifully scattered across the clear blue water.


Piaynemo is one of the most famous spots in Raja Ampat archipelago with its spectacular karts islets view scattered across the turquoise water. Piaynemo is often called as mini Wayag, as the two atolls have similar seascape. If you have limited time and budget, visiting Piaynemo is the best alternative as it’s easier and cheaper compared to Wayag. Piaynemo is located only 1.30 – 2 hours speed boat ride from Waisai. To get to the viewpoint takes only 10 to 15-minute walks and is fairly easy with well-maintained wooden steps.


Kabui Bay is located between Waigeo Island and Gam Island. The bay offers an amazing display of karts formation which mostly covered with dense tropical vegetation. From Waisai it takes an hour speedboat ride through panoramic seascape. As the speedboat slowly cruises deep into the secret passage through the calm and clear water, you will be stunned by the pristine environment.

Arrival at Sorong airport by morning flight, then sail by public fast ferry to Waisai harbor on Waigeo Island. From the harbor of Waisai, we will proceed by wooden boat to Kri Island. The romantic white beach surrounded by virgin rainforest, locals - brightly colored parrots Lori, Eclectus, white cockatoos, sea eagles,  and hornbills are waiting for you. Stay at Kri Island, 6 nights.

A relaxing day on the island of Kri, individual time off to walk on the beach, snorkeling from the hut door, or just doing nothing in the middle of paradise. All meals provided at the lodge.

Gam Island is one of the 4 biggest island on Raja Ampat archipelago, (Four Kings Island, namely Waigeo, Salawati, Misool and Batanta).

The island is very hilly with sharps limestone formation. The jungle of Gam Island is the home to many birds, such as Red Bird of Paradise, Western Crowned Pigeons, and Palm Cockatoo.

There are 2 main villages on this island, namely Sawinggrai and Kapisawar Village. Sawiggrai is one of the best location for birding for Red Bird of Paradise.

Today, at dawn sailing to the opposite Gam island to Sawinggrai village, waking through the jungle to observe the engagement dances of "birds of paradise" of paradise (a vividly colored endemic bird species nicknamed "living gem")

Back to the lodge after the birding.

The passage of sand dunes in shallow waters to the neighboring island of Mansuar, snorkeling at the village of Yenbuba between shoals of fish and possibly sharks.

Kri island is actually the extension of big Mansuar island, Kri Island alone is named Pulau Mansuar Kecil (Little Mansuar island). both island is joined by sandbank which we can walk across in very low tide.   

There are about 4 villages situated on big Mansuar island, among them are Yenbuba Village and the village of Yenbekwan on Mansuar’s north coast and Sauwandarek Village on the south.

Relaxing day on Kri, individual activities (boat snorkeling trips to nearby locations and surrounding villages, breathtaking rainforest taking view at sunset)

All-day excursion by long boat, snorkeling with mantas, visit to the village on the Isle of Arborek (family atmosphere, white beaches, local school and church), snorkeling in Rufas lagoon and magical azure lagoon of Piaynemo overlooking limestone mogots in Telaga Bintang.

Arborek is a very small island, which we can make a circle walk along the coastal line in app 30 minutes time. Arborek lies to the west from Kri Island.

Piaynemo is also called Penemu Island, lies to the west from Arborek Island. Some old map also write the name of this island as Fam island.

Piaynemo comes from Biak Tribe local language, means “the join between harpoon head and shaft” and the shape of the northern section of Penemu is resemble a traditional whale hunting harpoon head.

The islands of Piaynemo are origination from karst formation, forming several small cone shape island with dense vegetation, surrounded by turquoise color of water.

Being the most interesting point in this island is the walk from the jetty along the wooden steps (app 360 steps) to the view point of Piaynemo.

From this view point, we then trek down through the rock formation down to Telaga Bintang. Telaga Bintang meals the pool of star, the pool down there is indeed in the form of 5 edges star.

Back to Kri island in the afternoon.

Long boat crossing to the northwestern tip of Waigeo Island to Sepele (under favorable conditions on islands with indigenous villages, snorkeling), accommodation in full board cottages on a private beach, walk to the beautiful lagoon surrounded by a mango forest. The village of Selpele lies not too far from Aljui Bay.

We may join the local daily life here, fishing with local kids, joining local women weaving Semat (mat from sago palm bark), etc.

Stay at small lodge at Selpele Village.

Hotel plan : Kamar Raja Homestay, standard room.

Raja Ampat covers an area of app 71,600 sq km. It consist of the 610 big and small islands as well as the surrounding waters.

Wayag archipelago is among the best known and a “must see’ in Raja Ampat Region, covers an area of app 155,000 hectares of sea and land.

The archipelago of Wayag is formed from unique karst formation, forms cone like island, towering from the sea bed to the peak of the small islands.

Each island on this small archipelago is covered by lush vegetation too.

Today, we will make a day trip to Wayag lagoon for some walking, enjoying virgin beaches and snorkeling with sharks

The cliff of the island of West Waigeo) clustered on the mouth of the bay. There are several beautiful small curves of perfect beach or hidden lagoon

On the southern side of the Aljui Bay entrance, there are ancient handprints made by the ancestor of the local who dwell in this island now.

Today, we will have a Boat trip (by long boat) to prehistoric paintings on a cliff above the sea

The site also offer a great place for many sea activities.

All meals provided at the lodge

Today, we check out from Selpele, heading to Kabui Bay (Kabuy Channel) cruise to the islands of Urai and Friwen Islands where great snorkeling sites are available.

First, we sail to Urai small island, then to Friwen Island.

Friwen is a tiny island, sits app 1 km offshore Gam Yenbeser Village, Waigeo island.

The beaches on Friwen’s northern shore are beautiful, and near the island’s western end is a spot with a huge overhanging tree

Finally, we head to Waisai town, the capital town of Raja Ampat, lies on the south of Waigeo Island.

Stay at the lodge in Waisay.

Hotel plan : Waisay Beach hotel or similar, 2 nights.

Individual program in the city, walking on the promenade, visiting the market and buying souvenirs, optional trip to the Sorindo and Warengkris waterfalls and the village of Warsambin.

All on personal cost

Sail back to Sorong by morning fast ferry, then departure to Jakarta


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