Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary

  • 3 Days / 2 Nights
  • Wildlife
  • Easy

In Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary visitors will be able to get knowledge of how to rebuild a forest and protect its wildlife. Especially to preserve the rainforest and critically endangered orangutans in Borneo. The Eco Lodge’s unique design is based on local architecture. All exterior and interior walls are made from recycled materials. The cosmetic touches are all traditional handicrafts and are produced by local and Dayak communities around. Samboja Lodge is surrounded by lush vegetation, each room has its own patio or balcony. You can enjoy the surrounding forest from your room.

Samboja Lestari Lodge has in total 26 rooms completed, 22 standards with AC, Two Suite Rooms, and a hot water shower. Moreover 2 treetops suites, with a fantastic view, and of course air conditioning and hot water shower. The Lodge is completed with a towering area to oversee the Jungle area.

The Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary is a perfect place where people have come together to save the orangutan from extinction. The sanctuary is an opportunity to learn about the power of conservation. The efforts put into rehabilitating the orangutans are a testimony to the love that exists for these primates. Visiting the sanctuary will inspire you to contribute to conservation work and make a meaningful impact in preserving our planet’s biodiversity. The sanctuary aids the rehabilitation of orangutans, who have suffered from the destruction of their natural habitat due to industrialization and deforestation. The sanctuary has successfully rehabilitated and released several hundred orangutans back into their natural habitat.

Bukit Bangkirai Jungle Trekking

A 3D2N Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary Tour includes jungle trekking at Bukit Bangkirai. In this place, we will observe the typical Borneo rainforest, then soft jungle trekking to enjoy with canopy bridge. The area covered 1,500 hectares of protected tropical rainforest. The forest is dominated by the Bengkirai Tree with about 40 – 50 m high and diameter of 2,3 meters. The average age of the tree is about 150 years old. From the Canopy Bridge, you will spot a very beautiful canopy forest. This place is a natural habitat for gibbons, Hornbills, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, red leaf-eating monkeys, and other endemic wildlife of Borneo. This bridge was connected by 5 Bangkirai Trees with an elevation of 30 – 40 meters high totaling a length of 64 m.

  • Balikpapan arrival.
  • Pick up service then transfer to Samboja Eco Lodge. It takes about 1 – 1 ½ hour or about 45 km in some bumpy road drive depend on the condition of the road.
  • Check-in and after lunch, time for you to observe Samboja lodge with such a beautiful surrounding forest.
  • Dinner and overnight at the lodge.
  • Breakfast at Samboja Eco Lodge.
  • walk about 10 minutes or drive away to the Orangutan island to see feeding time.
  • Then continue through the Sun Bear Sanctuary to see the activity of the Malayan Sun Bear in the sanctuary.
  • Lunch on the lodge
  • then we drive about 1 hour to Bukit Bangkirai about 1 ½ hour or 150 km away from Samboja District with some bumpy roads. 
  • You will spot a very beautiful canopy forest the natural habitat for gibbon, Hornbill, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, red leaf-eating monkey, and other endemic wildlife of Borneo from the Canopy Bridge. This bridge was connected between 5 Bangkirai Trees with an elevation of 30 – 40 meters high totaling a length of 64 m.
  • Back to Samboja Lodge for dinner and overnight.
  • After early breakfast  (or breakfast box) drive about 1-hour to Sungai Wain, the former releasing site for around 80 orangutans and the home for Malayan sun bear, Proboscis Monkey, 242 birds plus 9 species of Hornbill.
  • Arrive in Sungai Wain, we meet the local team and bring us to the jungle searching for all those beautiful creatures. Sungai Wain is one of the preserve jungle close to Balikpapan.  The trek is easy and some part a little bit muddy but rich in exotic wildlife.
  • After lunch, we drive to Balikpapan for catching your flight to your next destination. 


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