Sumba Island Tour

  • 7 Days / 6 Nights
  • Culture & Nature
  • Easy-Moderate

The Sumba Island tour is a perfect destination for anyone looking to get off the beaten path. From its traditional villages to its breathtaking natural wonders. This charming island is a haven for adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts.

Sumba Traditional Villages

One of the most distinctive features of the Sumba Island tour is its traditional villages. Here, you can witness the cultural richness of the island, as the locals perform their traditional dances and showcase their unique architecture. Some of the most popular villages to visit include Bondokodi, Praijing, and Tarung. Here, you can also see some of the unique megalithic tombs, which are found only on Sumba Island.

Sumba Textile Tour

Sumba island is home to a vibrant and unique culture famous for its ikat textiles. They are using a traditional technique known as ikat, which involves dyeing the threads before they are woven together. What makes Sumba textiles unique is the complexity of the designs. The patterns are inspired by ancestral stories and religious beliefs and often feature motifs of animals, plants, and symbolic geometric shapes. Moreover, the intricate weaving process can take months to complete. The finished textiles are highly valued as ceremonial and decorative pieces.

A Sumba textile tour is a one-of-a-kind experience that will take you deep into the heart of Sumbanese culture. You’ll get to meet local weavers and watch them work their magic on the loom, learning about the history and significance of each design. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase textiles directly from the weavers, supporting their livelihoods and preserving their cultural heritage. Sumba textiles come in various forms, including intricately woven scarves, blankets, and sarongs.

However, you are not just about experiencing the culture but also a responsible, sustainable tourism initiative. Your visit is a way to boost the region’s economy and support the livelihood of the weavers, who spend countless hours weaving the textiles to support their families.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Sumba, with its rolling hills, pristine beaches, and friendly people.

Sumba Island offers a memorable experience for any traveler. The guided tours come in different durations, 3 to 5 days, depending on how deep you want to dive into the culture and heritage of Sumba Island. The unique blend of adventure, culture, and artistry is a must-do when traveling through Indonesia!

Upon arrive at MAU HAU Airport of  Waingapu , you are picked up by our guide representative then transfer to local restaurant for Lunch. After lunch you will be drived to hotel to check in. The next program you will be guided  to Prai Liang Village, which is set atop a hill overlooking the valley and river.  After a walk of around 300m, pass through the spirit gate, and see stunning local style houses.  This village is not specially set up for tourists – this is the way these people live their daily lives.  With cool breezes and amazing views, we can easily understand why they choose to stay in this beautiful area.  Afternoon return to Hotel dinner and overnight.

Hotel Plan :

After breakfast at Hotel,  the tour start traditional village of PAU DAN RENDE pass through  Melolo to see the royal tomb are made from the megalithic stone and some of the traditional houses, one of them its wall contraction made from the Buffalo skin that were sucrificered for a ritual offering on the traditional ceremony . Lunch Box will be served  . The trip continue and stop to the one of the Mau Jawa  village  to see the palm sugar made from ( DRY SEASON ONLY ) . Afternoon drive  to hotel. Overnight and dinner at  HOTEL.

Hotel Plan :

After breakfast at Hotel,  Our guide come to pick you up then escorted you then drive for overland  Waikabubak ( the west of Sumba ) with distance of approx. 137 kms  and will be spent 4 hours.  during the trip the stop will be made at KAMPUNG PASUNGA to see the Greatest stone Grave and the traditional houses of west sumbanese . Proceed to Waikabubak city as the capital city of West Sumba for check in and Lunch at ( Manandang  OR SIMILAR ). Afternoon we continue the city tour by visiting to  Prai Ijing , KAMPUNG TARUNG and WAITABAR  which will see the traditional houses which are decorated by huge horn of Buffaloes in front .WULLA PODDU ceremonial take place in these village on every November. Wulla Poddu is the Merapu New Years by LAULINESE and as the such thanks giving worship for the falling of rain for the coming planting season. Late afternoon drive back to Hotel  stop at  ALGADRI art shop where there are many collection of Sumbanese antiques to be sold . Arrive in Hotel , dinner and overnight at Hotel.

Hotel Plan :

After breakfast at Hotel, Proceed for day tour to WANUKAKA . on the way we will make a short stop at LAPALE  for enjoying the fantastic widest rice field view with Wanukaka beach  background. We continue to the KAMPUNG WAIGALI to see the SKULL TREE is dedicated to the war merapu and was used as the altar for the rites following head hunting . Proceed to PASOLA field at LAIHURUK. next visiting to KAMPUNG PRAYGOLY to see the oldest stone grave called "Watu Kajiwa " which believe  as their ancestor's boat, contineu to to visit Laipopu waterfall afterward back  to LAMBOYA and stop at Waiwuang. Afternoon drive to MAROSI Beach  for it beautiful clear sea on the white sand beach ( LUNCH BOX PROVIDED HERE ), swimming or relax until time return to Hotel . Dinner and overnight at  Manandang  Hotel

After breakfast at Hotel the trip forward to the KODI  on west part of Waikabubak for  2 hours drive and visit Bondo Kodi village, Pronabaroro, Rotenggaro  and Tossi village . on these village as places in determined the traditional of Posala event held on every February in Kodi area . Pass the Posala field and Lunch box will be provided at Pero Beach .this area you can see the  Sumbanese traditional village with its traditional thatched roof houses and highest towering ( 10 meters ). Return  to NEWA BEACH RESORT  for  Dinner and overnight .

After breakfast at Hotel, drive to Katewel to see the local people  how they  process salt with a traditional way , Visit the Cultural houses of Sumba ( here you can see the all things abouth  sumba tradition  such as : Mamuli, kanatar, ikat this things sumba people used as bride price ( belis ) when they held wedding ceremony , visit Local Market in Waitabula, Waikelo harbor, return to Hotel For Lunch, afternoon free your own to relax in the Beach, dinner and overnight at Hotel.

After breakfast at Hotel, free until time to transfer to Aiport of Tambolaka  for flight to next destination. - End of your Sumba Tour


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