Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour

  • 3 Days
  • Birding, Wildlife
  • Easy

Tangkoko Nature Reserve tour to see a bunch of endemic species that only exist in Sulawesi. There are literally hundreds of Indonesian animal species living in the park. Possibilities to see Sulawesi crested black macaques, rare birds (kingfishers, owls, and red knobbed hornbills), lizards, snakes, cicadas, tarsiers, and more.), you can also see Cuscus bears and huge black tarantulas here. 

Located in the northern part of Sulawesi, the reserve covers an area of 8,700 hectares and is famous for hundreds of unique animal species living here. 

It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to drive from Manado to Batu Putih Village because of the winding jungle roads. The good news is that the drive to Tangkoko gives you some incredibly scenic views of jungles and volcanoes, making the 2-hour drive seem to go by in just a few minutes.

If you arrive on an afternoon flight you have to skip the Manado Highland Tour and go directly to Tangkoko Nature Reserve from the airport. The opportunity to meet the Tarsius is in the afternoon (as they appear after 5.30 PM) or early in the morning.

You also can extend the tour with a day snorkeling tour in Bunaken Marine Park to explore its famous underwater world. *) tailor-made

Wildlife at Tangkoko Nature Reserve

The Tarsius spectrum is the smallest monkey in the world that is endemic to Sulawesi and also the most endangered species.  Two other endemic and endangered species that live only in Sulawesi are Macaca Nigra and Macaque Hecki. You can find Cuscus bear and lots of birds here, and if you are an insect lover you can continue to explore the insects after dinner.

  • Morning Arrival in Manado.
  • Meet our guide then directly visit the Mt. Mahawu crater. 10 minutes trekking to the top of the crater you will enjoy the magnificent view of cities of Tomohon and Manado and the islands beyond.
  • Visit Woloan village, the center of knock-down Traditional house industry with a stop at  Pagoda Buddhist Temple with the flower plantation surround. Chilling down at the beautiful multi-color of Linaw Lake to enjoy the afternoon in a cozy restaurant by the lake sipping coffee with a traditional famous snack of fried banana and other traditional cookies.
  • The journey continues to the highland of Minahasa with some stop at the ancient Tomb of Minahasa People (Giant Stone Ages), and the historical World War II Japanese Tunnel System.
  • Drive to Tangkoko. (if you arrive with afternoon flight you should skip the Manado Highland tour, and transfer directly to Batu Putih village at Tangkoko)
  • Overnight at Tangkoko Homestay. Accommodation Plan: Tangkoko Hill or similar ( only 5 minutes from Tangkoko National Park entrance gate )
  • Full day Tangkoko tour
  • at 6.00 am, before breakfast, start to explore the endemic species of North Sulawesi at the Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Search for the Black Crested Macaque (Black Monkey indigenous to North Sulawesi), the Tarsier Spectrum (the world’s smallest primate), Cuscus bear, and lots of birds.
  • If you are an insect lover you can continue to explore the insects after dinner.
  • Overnight at a homestay.
  • Accommodation Plan: Tangkoko Lodge or similar non-star hotel (homestay)
  • Breakfast
  • At the appropriate time, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight. If time allows, make a stop in town for souvenir shopping. END OF YOUR TRIP
The smallest monkey in the world that endemic to Sulawesi and also the most endangered species. You can’t see them living in the wild in another place. But in this place, you can find them roaming freely in their natural habitat.
Two endemic and endangered species live only in Sulawesi.

In this area you will have a big opportunity to see hornbills, and couscous as well as other fauna specific to the reserve.


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