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Going on tours to Borneo orangutans allows you to witness and appreciate one of the world’s endangered primates in their habitat. Taking place at a prominent nature reserve in Indonesia, here are some interesting things to expect when you participate in this wonderful tour of Borneo Orangutans.

Get to Know Orangutan

In Indonesia, orangutans are mainly found in two of the country’s big islands: Sumatra and Kalimantan (also known as Borneo). Those looking for tours to Borneo orangutans can visit the most popular former rehabilitation center in Central Kalimantan, namely Tanjung Puting National Park. Serving as the main nature reserve for orangutans, Tanjung
Puting protects, conserves, as well as rehabilitates both wild and ex-captive orangutans.

The name “orangutan” is originally derived from two Malay words: orang which means man and “utan” or “hutan” which means forest. In literal meaning, orangutan can be translated as the man of the forest. These primates have long arms and large figures covered by reddish-brown hair.

Among other species of primates, orangutans have the closest similarity to human DNA. Researchers even claim that these creatures share up to 97% of DNA structures with human beings. You may see the truth by yourself while observing the way orangutans live in Tanjung Puting, or in this case, their preserved habitat.

Their life is technically based on certain “cultures”. For instance, when the feeding time comes, older orangutans will take the food first while the younger ones wait until the elders are all done. Orangutans can also perform logical activities as a response to weather conditions. If you happen to visit the national park on rainy days, you may spot some orangutans covering their heads with leaves—just like humans who use an umbrella. Observing orangutans in their habitat will surely create a memorable experience for anyone.

Tour to Borneo Orangutans Feeding Stations

In Tanjung Puting—and other orangutan rehabilitation centers for that matter, orangutans are supported to act and behave naturally. That said, these primates are initially encouraged to forage their own foods around the forest. In spite of it, the national park provides some feeding stations on a number of sites. They are used to spread the orangutans’ staple diets, especially bananas, with the aim of making it those primates easier in getting food.

On your tour to see Borneo orangutans, stopping at the feeding platforms is included in the package. Around the area of Tanjung Puting National Park, there are at least three feeding stations or platforms that you can visit on the Borneo orangutan tour: Pondok Tangguy, Camp Leakey, and Tanjung Harapan Camp.

Explore the Biodiversity of Borneo Wildlife and Rainforest

The Borneo orangutan tour to Tanjung Putting National Park begins as you sail across Kumai and Sekonyer Rivers. This river safari is done entirely on a traditional wooden houseboat called klotok which features several cabins and a comfortable upper deck.

Prior to your arrival at the main destination, you will be able to witness the biodiversity of the Borneo ecosystem. From the boat’s upper deck, you can spot some other animals and primates living along the riverbank, such as macaques, probosci’s monkeys, and langurs, as well as several kinds of birds that fly over the river. To get a better view of those animals, bringing your own binoculars is highly recommended.

Tanjung Puting is regarded as an ecotourism site, so be ready to feel the authentic experience of Borneo wildlife while visiting this attraction. As soon as you step into the forest, the lush trees and luxuriant foliage will greet you with a warm welcome. In addition to orangutans, there is some other wildlife that the park has in store, including birds, proboscis monkeys, and reptiles (crocodiles and some species of lizards).

All in all, you can expect many exciting things when going on tours to Borneo orangutans. Although Borneo orangutans and the forest’s wildlife ecosystem become the main attractions, the tours offer other interesting features to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Go book your own tour to observe orangutans in person and be prepared to feel completely mesmerized by the natural wonders of Borneo!

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