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Volunteer teaching program in Bali is one of the best ways to give back to the local community and has benefit for personal growth.

Whether you have degree in education or not, our teaching program is suitable for anyone who wants to develop new skills and experience new things. Our teaching program offers opportunities to interact with local children. Here you will not only be able to share your knowledge but also gain insight about the local culture.

Our teaching programs mostly run in the areas with less tourist exposure. Besides providing you authentic experience, children who live in rural areas are the ones who need help to improve their education.

Activities Volunteer Teaching in Bali

The volunteer teaching in Bali involves fun activities you can share with local children in the classroom. Below are some of the favorite volunteer activities:

Teaching English

Teaching English is the most popular volunteer activity. Most of local children don’t learn English until they are in junior high school. You can help with basic English conversation. Learning English helps the local children to communicate with English speakers and more than that, learning English provides them a new skill.

Teaching Crafts and Arts

Take your best ideas into the classroom by teaching handcraft and arts. Teaching handcrafts and arts are not only fun ways to engage with local children but it also fun ways stimulate their creativity. This activity can be a fun cultural exchange as well. While sharing knowledge about your country’s traditional handcrafts and arts, you will actuality benefit learning about the local’s traditional art.


Share your love in literature by joining storytelling class. Children love story telling and this will actually help the children improve their listening skill.

The program may consist of indoor and outdoor activities (or one of them, depending on the weather and other conditions). Experience the excitement of doing good deeds and socializing with local children in volunteer teaching Bali.

Adventure Indonesia helps you to arrange volunteer teaching programs within your tour packages. Get involved in volunteer teaching Bali to improve your social consciousness and make your holiday more memorable by giving back to the local communities.

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