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West Papua tours take travelers to the homes of several local tribes, witnessing their culture, daily life, and custom in adventurous trips.

Have the adventure of your lifetime by joining West Papua tours, a trip to the farthest point of Eastern Indonesia. Combining wildlife and cultural tours, the trekking takes you to meet local tribes and learn more about their lifestyle. You can experience the adventure of your life while expanding your knowledge about local culture.

West Papua Tribes

Trekking in West Papua tours allows you to explore the culture and lifestyle of three tribes: Asmat, Korowai, and Yali. Each tribe has unique characteristics that will satisfy your curiosity about the local culture in Eastern Indonesia. The highlighted tribes are:

Korowai Tribe

Korowai people are famous for their tall houses, built from wood, bamboo, tree barks, and sago leaves. Their tree houses can be as tall as 10 to 20 m, and each construction usually lasts around three years. The Korowai people are semi-nomadic, and their village usually consists of families living in two or three houses.

Korowai people live by hunting, gathering foods, and processing sago. They hunt with bows and arrows, but sometimes catch fish or gather sago worms. The sago becomes the food supply if they cannot find animals.

Asmat Tribe

The Asmat tribe is probably one of the most notable tribes from West Papua, especially regarding their arts. They live in coastal areas and mostly consist of fishers, woodcarvers, and boatmakers. Many of them live in houses built on stilts. Asmat people are famous for their woodcarvings, which boast certain surrealist qualities. Their woodcarvings adorn public places and offices in big cities, like Jayapura and Manokwari. They also conduct annual festivals with the support of the local government to attract tourists.

Yali Tribe

If you heard of Baliem Valley, you knew about the Yali people. This tribe lives in the depth of the mountain, and travelers must trek through difficult terrains to reach their homes. Yali people still hold their traditional ways strongly, with men sporting unique rattan hoops around their waists and women wearing grass skirts.

Dani Tribe

Dani people live in the highland areas of Baliem Vally, raising pigs and incorporating them in various festivals. The Dani is famous for having Pig Feast to celebrate special occasions. They will kill pigs with traditional bow and arrow before cooking them in an earth oven. They may stage a faux Pig Feast and traditional dances for travelers.

Tour Highlights

West Papua trekking tours offer a chance to interact with local tribes. Through the English-speaking local guides, you can learn about the way local tribes gather food, cook, make woodcarvings, catch fish, and process sago. And you may also stay in honai, their traditional homes to experience daily life.

If you visit during the sago processing day, you can watch it from start to finish. While the tour package provides meals, you can taste freshly baked sago and other local foods. When you visit the Asmat village, you can also experience paddling in the river with a traditional boat.

Malaria is a common concern in the jungle trekking trip is challenging, so we recommend it for travelers with a high level of fitness. Bring mosquito repellent and spray your other clothes with safe bug spray. You should also take malaria medications before and after the trip. Make sure to wear good trekking shoes and sweat-absorbing clothes.

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