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Whale shark diving Indonesia, the once-in-a-lifetime experience , is what you should put in your travel wish list. See how Sumbawa makes it come true.

The vast archipelago of Indonesia is known for many things: world-class dishes with distinguished taste, exotic tourist destinations, and deep-rooted heritage—but: the country is so much more. Another once-in-a-lifetime experience for any foreigners we’re going to recommend is a whale shark diving Indonesia, an attractive gem for water enthusiasts and marine creature lovers at the same time.

Sumbawa is the place we want to introduce to you here since we believe it’ll surely present you with an unforgettable  whale shark diving experience.

Tips to Enhance your Whale Shark Diving Indonesia

  • Try to enter slowly feet-first and not to jump from the boat, as you plunge into the water. Keep noise to a minimum !
  • Never touch them, touching the skin of the whale sharks poses an alarming threat.
  • Always keep your distance by maintaining at least 3 to 4 meters away.
  • Do not use strobes

How to Get to Sumbawa

There are various modes of transportation to get to Sumbawa, but taking a direct flight from Lombok to Sumbawa is, of course, a comfortable option at an affordable rate. So, wherever you’re from Jakarta or Bali, there is no direct flight to Sumbawa, you should transit at Lombok first.

From Jakarta to Lombok, for instance, a 2-hour direct flight is available with several airlines options to choose, such as Batik Air, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Wings Air. Once arriving at Lombok Airport, you can continue to Sumbawa by choosing a direct flight from Lombok. With only a 30-minute plane ride, the airline currently serving this route is Wings Air.

Other Sumbawa tourist attractions

Other than a whale shark diving Indonesia, tourists can also snorkel, visit islets, or engage in other outdoor activities around the village. Some of Sumbawa tourist attractions you can consider:

  • Istana Tua Dalam Loka

This palace has witnessed the glorious history of the Sumbawa Sultanate since its establishment in 1885. Shaped on stilts with a spacious building area, Istana Tua Dalam Loka looks magnificent with a wedge system and a high level of flexibility when an earthquake occurs. Today, the palace serves as a cultural heritage that is reminiscent of the once-prosperous Sumbawa Sultanate of its time.

  • Istana Bala Kuning (Bala Kuning Palace)

Istana Bala Kuning is a large house painted in yellow, which was the residence of Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III after abdication until he died. This tourist spot stores various objects inherited from the wealth of the Sumbawa Sultanate, as well as functioning as a storage place for Sumbawa Sultanate heirlooms. 

  • Mata Jitu Waterfall, Moyo Island

Water enthusiasts can also appreciate going here after the fun whale shark diving Indonesia. Upon entering this spot behind the Moyo Island Forest, gurgles of faint water can be heard in the silence of nature. Air Terjun Mata Jitu completes its gorgeous look with natural green trees and seven ponds—making the surrounding community dubbing this waterfall as the “Queen Waterfall”.

Moyo Island has plentiful coral formations , with clear water that gives good underwater visual for photos.

As an excellent place for whale shark diving Indonesia, Sumbawa is a definite destination awaiting your amazing adventure soon.

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