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Known as the “Paradise on Earth”, Bali offers various things to do. There are those who come for its adventure, cuisine, underwater life or simply admiring the beauty of Bali’s landscape. For those who want to disconnect from their daily busy life and relax, the yoga retreat Bali Ubud tour is a great option to try.


Located in the uplands of Bali, Ubud is a town that is famous for its temples, majestic royal palace, rice terraces, temples, and home for fantastic yoga centers. This yogi heaven is a perfect place to clear your mind and refresh. To reach Ubud, simply take a 40 minutes car ride straight from Bali international airport.

Ubud offers a relaxed atmosphere, slow-paced living with cool weather. Filled with peace and tranquility. It is also known as the home of amazing resorts. No wonder why it is famous as the ultimate hub for health and wellness.

yoga in ubud bali
Yoga in Ubud (via Unsplash)

Yoga Tour Activities

Choosing where to stay is important. To feel the best out of it, you must have wanted to be surrounded by peace and nature. The good news is, Ubud offers lots of hotels/villas that are close to nature and will be a great option to stay at. Start your day with yoga or mediation. Recharge yourself with healthy or vegan food and drinks. Combine fun activities with your yoga tour such as; fun rafting, climbing Mount Batur, exploring Bali’s beautiful waterfalls, meeting the dolphins, trekking in the rice fields, and many more. If you want to get more focus on relaxation, Balinese palm reading, water purification, and visiting temples can be options. End your day with afternoon yoga in the hotel. 5-7 days is perfect to do this yoga retreat in Ubud. It will be a great experience for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Pack your bag and say farewell to Ubud. If you have a longer holiday plan, combine your Yoga Retreat Bali Ubud tour with other trips around Bali or Indonesia. Contact us to plan your trip to Bali and beyond.

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