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Moyo Island Sumbawa is one of the small islands in West Nusa Tenggara Province, situated at the mouth of Saleh Bay. With just 349km2 of area, the island boasts pristine nature, rewarding scenic views, and peaceful surroundings.

Popular among adventurers from June to August (the sunny season), Moyo Island features several great highlights to explore.

Four Reason to Visit Moyo Island

Moyo Island Hunting Park

Moyo Island area largely consists of preservation called Moyo Island Hunting Park. Established in 1986, the park is a sanctuary for various unique wildlife forms. You may see wild bovines, deer, and pigs roaming around in plains. Long-tailed macaques are also common mammals, which you may occasionally glimpse among the foliage. These macaques eat crabs and can break their shells with ease.

If you love birdwatching, Moyo Island Sumbawa is a great spot for the activity. The island is home to 86 species of birds, including two endangered species: Tanimbar megapode and yellow-headed parrot. Other notable animals include 21 species of bats, butterflies, and monitor lizards.

Beautiful Waterfalls

Moyo Island Sumbawa has several beautiful waterfalls. Mata Jitu Waterfall is perhaps the most famous one due to Princess Diana’s visit. The water falls into several stone “steps” before ending in a large pool. The clear, turquoise water creates an amazing view. The water debit is safe enough for travelers to swim and splash around.

Diwu M’bai Waterfall is less famous, but it looks just as beautiful. The waterfall is narrower than Mata Jitu, and the curtain is just 5 meters tall. However, the water curtain is surrounded by large trees, with one large tree standing right next to the curtain top. A rope hangs from the tree branch, and you can use it to jump into the pool below.

Pristine Beaches

Moyo Island beaches have pristine conditions, with crystal blue water that is warm all year round. Air Manis Beach has gravel-covered sand, but it is famous as a camping ground. If you don’t want to camp, just bring a hammock and tie them among the trees that line the beach. There are several low hills near the beach, which you can explore in a short trekking trip.

If you want white sand, go to Poto Jarum Beach. Situated in the preserved area, Poto Jarum Beach offers a pristine, almost untouched condition. The white beach is lined with amazing rock formations. You can also see healthy corals even in shallow water.

Snorkeling and Diving Spots

Do not miss the opportunity for Moyo Island snorkeling once you arrive! The island’s plentiful coral formations give it numerous snorkeling spots, with clear water that gives good underwater visuals for photos. The Stama reefs are especially rewarding, with sharks and turtles that are occasionally seen. Bring your snorkeling or diving equipment since there are no rentals on the island. Be cautious of strong underwater currents and bring fins to anticipate them.

Transportation can be a little challenging for travelers wanting to explore Moyo Island. Adventure Indonesia offers travel packages to Moyo Island Sumbawa for your convenience. Just enjoy the trip and savor the beauty of the island.

Amanwana, Luxury Resort in Moyo Island

Amanwana, a natural paradise, is the only resort on the beautiful island of Moyo, a veritable Eden in the Flores Sea. Overlooking the turquoise waters of Amanwana Bay – a protected marine park – this wilderness hideaway offers full-board accommodation in just 12 luxury guest tents and unparalleled access to some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in Indonesia

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