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Baluran National Park Banyuwangi boasts beautiful savannas, mangrove forests, and rare species of animals, earning it a nickname “Africa in Java”.

The island of Java is associated with lush greens and fertile soil, but Baluran National Park Banyuwangi offers a different visage. Dubbed “African plain in Indonesia”, the national park consists of savannas, wild grazing animals, and the dormant Baluran Volcano. Visiting this area will make you feel like exploring Wild Africa!

What to See in Baluran National Park?

Baluran National Park covers 22,500 hectaresof land, consisting of 40 percent savannas and lowland and mangrove forests on the rest. Despite only receiving three months-worth of rain, Baluran savannah is fertile and serving as the grazing ground for many animals. December and January are the peaks of the rainy season in this area.

Baluran National Park has 444 species of trees, 155 types of birds, and 26 types of mammals. You can see local trees like pilang, widoro bukol, and mimba, which have adapted to thrive in a dry area. There are also evergreen trees that keep their lush looks even during the dry season, such as kendal, gadung, and tamarind trees. You will see lines of evergreen trees before entering the savanna area.

Baluran is also a home for colorful birds like peacocks, herons, and hornbills. Rare species like fire kites and red forest owls are occasionally seen between the trees or soaring above the plain. Javanese banteng (Bos javanicus) is a local bull species that becomes the mascot of the national park. However, there are also smaller mammals like mouse-deer (kancil), mangrove cats, and water buffaloes.

Highlights of Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park Banyuwangi offers several sightseeing highlights for adventure lovers. Several areas in the park boast unique characteristics, such as:

Bekol Savanna

The main interest of the national park, Bekol Savanna lies in the middle, around 12 km from the entrance. The savanna is green and lush during the rainy season, but dry and brown otherwise. If you visit during the rainy season, you may see large mammals like water buffaloes, deer, and banteng drinking from several pools.

Bama Beach

Bama Beach is situated close to the savanna, offering a slightly rugged but beautiful beach. A mangrove forest is situated next to the beach, and you may see long-tailed macaques jumping among the foliage. They like to “fish” crabs from between the mangrove roots.

Bekol Watching Tower

Bekol Savanna has a wooden rack that holds several weathered mammal skeletons, with a watching tower nearby. You can follow a small pathway to reach the tower, which is situated on slightly higher ground.

Baluran National Park is surrounded by three mountains: Baluran, Ijen, and Merapi. Baluran is the only one that has a dormant status, while the other two are still active. You can visit the other two mountains to enjoy a complete holiday adventure.

Adventure Indonesia offers customized tour packages you can book based on your available time and budget. You can arrange for a tour to Baluran and combine it with other destinations. A professional English-speaking guide will accompany you while explaining interesting highlights in each destination. Arrange your tour to Baluran National Park Banyuwangi now, and enjoy the beauty of wild “African” savanna in the lush and fertile Java Island!

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