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Glad to inform you that starting from 1st April 2023, Komodo National Park Office has opened one forest and savanna trail for nature tourism recreation called the Hidden Nirvana route in Rinca Island.

Rinca Island is the second largest island in the Komodo National Park area. It is a fantastic location to see Komodo dragons of all sizes in their natural habitats. As there is a new regulation made by the government, you can now trek back to Rinca Island more than the short walk board.

The 1.07 km-distance Hidden Nirvana trekking path in Rinca Island will give visitors a chance to go on an adventure and explore some of the forest and savanna of the Loh Buaya Valley. Visitors may have the chance to interact with Komodo dragons, different species of snakes, and birds. Visitors can also view Loh Buaya’s panoramic pinnacle from the Hidden Nirvana hill’s lofty summit.

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Komodo Rinca Tour Itinerary

Rinca Island Tour – Rules

Visitors can visit Loh Buaya from 7 AM to 6 PM. Some rules need to be followed by visitors around the Hidden Nirvana area, which are;

  • Visitors with a maximum of 65 years old are allowed to explore forests and savannas. Visitors should be physically and mentally healthy and have no history of certain diseases.
  • Visitors who are active on forest and savanna trails must comply with the provisions of group arrangements and appropriate assistance applies with the provision that the number of tourists in one group is a maximum of 5 people and must be accompanied by at least one Naturalist Guide officer for each group.
  • Visitors are prohibited from interacting directly with wild animals found along forest and savanna tracking routes
  • Visitors are allowed to take photos and videos of natural tourist attractions objects, including wild animals and plants. Especially for wild animals, taking photos or videos can be done from a distance of at least 10 meters under the supervision of a Naturalist Guide officer.
  • Visitors are prohibited from throwing trash along the forest and savanna trails
  • Visitors are prohibited from leaving/separating themselves from the group without the assistance of a Naturalist Guide officer
  • Visitors are strictly prohibited from using tools and equipment that can cause a fire along the forest and savanna trails. Ecosystem damage arising from the negligence of tourists will be subject to criminal sanctions based on applicable laws.
  • Visitors are prohibited from injuring/disturbing wild animals and plants found along forest and savanna trails
  • Visitors are prohibited from running along forest and savanna trails
  • Visitors are prohibited from making/raising loud noises from other loudspeakers during activities on forest and savanna trails
  • Visitors are prohibited from taking or moving natural objects including fossils, rocks, and other parts of living things found along forest and savanna trails
  • Visitors must comply with the directions and advice from the Komodo National Park office and the Naturalist Guide when guiding and interpreting takes place along the forest and savanna trails.
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