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Raja Ampat resorts offer easy access and services to help snorkeling lovers enjoy their holidays. Stay at one of these five resorts for your convenience.

Raja Ampat offers many seaside resorts ideal for snorkeling lovers. Some Raja Ampat resorts offer direct access to beautiful snorkeling spots. Underwater paradise is there as soon as you step out of the resort ground!

Here are our five recommendations for resorts that snorkeling lovers will enjoy.

1.     HamuEco Raja Ampat Resort

Stay at one of the overwater wooden cabins at HamuEco Resort, where you can access beautiful and pristine Saleo Beach. Each cabin has a cozy setting with basic amenities and a private shower. Saleo Beach is just a 3-minute walk from the resort, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You can arrange for various activities at the resort, including snorkeling, canoeing, and hiking. Check the tour package here!

2.     Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is the best choice for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Located on a strategic spot in Mansuar Island, this Raja Ampat resort offers quick access to diving spots like Cape Kri and Manta Ridge. The overwater rooms offer direct views of the pristine beach, with a comfortable setting, standard amenities, AC, and private showers. Book your snorkeling equipment and diving session at the resort for your comfort.

3.     Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Located on Birie Island, Papua Paradise Eco Resort stands above the crystal-clear coast, giving you direct views of the sea. A PADI Dive Resort, it offers diving courses and close access to ideal snorkeling spots. The rustic cabins are situated above the water, with modern amenities and full services for your comfort. Besides, Papua Paradise Eco Resort offers a quiet, serene stay, with all the modern resort services available for your comfort.

4.     Kri Eco Resort

Kri Eco Resort promises serenity and comfort in its traditional-style overwater cabins. Located on a secluded beach on Kri Island, the resort is close to Dampier Strait, Hidden Bay, and The Passage, all popular diving spots. If you just want a relaxing snorkeling trip, you can rent the equipment and head to the warm, tranquil beach.

5.     Sorido Bay Resort

Another gem at Kri Island, Sorido Bay Resort offers beautiful bungalows with traditional elements in their decorations. The resort offers a direct view of popular diving sites, like Cape Kri and Dampier Strait. The decks and lounges overlook a beautiful lagoon, where you can relax or plan your next snorkeling and diving trips. You can book snorkeling equipment and a diving trip at the resort.

Staying at an all-inclusive Raja Ampat resort is a perfect way to access the best snorkeling (and diving) spots. For more inquiries, contact us at Adventure Indonesia and start making your snorkeling itineraries with us.

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