Pasola Festival Sumba

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Aside from its beautiful landscape and beaches, the well-preserved culture and traditions of Sumba are also getting noticed by people around the world. One of them is the Pasola Festival Sumba, a mounted spear-fighting competition from Western Sumba. Pasola is known as the celebration of the rice-planting season and is held annually around February and March. Played by 2 groups of men, throwing wooden spears toward their opponent while riding a horse. There might be a chance that the flying spears can make participants injured and even lose their lives. According to the traditions and beliefs of their ancestors, those who die will become sacrifices so that the harvest will be bountiful. However, that belief is slowly being abandoned by the new generation.

For the local people of Sumba, Pasola is more than a mere attraction. It is a feast day as they can meet their relatives who live outside the village. They came in from other parts of Sumba, in droves to celebrate this festival.

Pasola War Festival 2023

Good news! The Pasola Festival in Sumba schedule is out now as below:

Southwest Sumba:
11 February @Hombo Kalayo
13 February @Bondo Kalayo
14 February @Rara Winyo
13 March @Maliti Bondo Ate
14 March @Waiha
15 March @Wainyapu

West Sumba
16 February @Lamboya
13-14 March @Wanukaka

Grab your next flight to Sumba and experience a once in a lifetime moment to watch the Pasola Festival. Contact us for more details.

Arrived at Tambolaka Airport. Meet our guide and we’ll drive to the Kodi area to visit Ratenggaro Village and Weekuri Lagoon.

Drive to the Pasola site in Lamboya-West Sumba (or another Pasola site where it fits your date).

Visit Lapopu waterfall, Praijing Village, and sunset at Marosi Beach.

Drive to Tambolaka Airport to catch a flight back home or to your next destination.


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