• All Nepalese Citizens can get an upon arrival visa for entering Bali before the COVID-19 Pandemic. But at the moment, there is no Visa on Arrival to enter Bali for Nepalese Travelers and Visitors. Nepalese can apply for a B211A Visa and travel to Indonesia for tourism or business purpose.

  • A Bali visa for Sri Lankan passport holders is a B211A visa.  This visit visa should be applied before traveling to Bali since Sri Lanka is not on the list of countries that can get a Visa on Arrival.


    This type of visa is valid for single entry with a maximum period of stay of 60 days. This visa is applied to those who will visit Indonesia for tourism, social and cultural activities, sports, or transit. 

  • Bali is a fantastic destination that offers a host of attractions and experiences for tourists from all over the world. As a Bangladeshi citizen, it's essential to understand the required visa process and documents to ensure a smooth trip. Remember, Bangladeshi citizens are not eligible for a visa on arrival and must apply for a B211A visa before their visit to Bali. So, plan well, gather the necessary documents, and apply for your visa well in advance to enjoy the stunning beauty of Bali.

  • B211A Bali Visa is a visa category issued by the Indonesian embassy to Pakistani passport holder, especially for people who want to travel to Bali. The B211A visa is valid for 60 days and can only be used for tourism purposes. In other words, you can’t work on this visa.

  • If you are traveling to Bali for tourism purposes for less than 30 days, then you have the option of visa-free entry. This means that you do not need a visa to enter Bali and can apply for a visa exemption stamp upon arrival at the airport. However, you need to have a valid passport with at least six months of validity left from the date of entry, return flight tickets, and enough funds to support your stay in Bali.