Student Trips  to Bali

One of the highlights of a student trips to Bali is the chance to immerse oneself in the local culture. Bali is known for its unique customs and traditions, which are reflected in the island's architecture, art, and cuisine. Students can visit ancient temples, attend traditional dance performances, and try local dishes.


Ice Breaker games  can be especially effective for student trips, as it helps create an open atmosphere where everyone is comfortable expressing themselves and having meaningful conversations. Additionally, these games help to reduce any anxiety that may arise when traveling abroad for the first time.

Student Trips Bali Activities:

Cultural Immersion

Farming Activities at Tabanan
Known as the rice bowl of Bali, the vast Tabanan regency is famed for its magnificent rice paddies and authentic Bali life. Fun day in the rice field. We’ll get our hands dirty by playing with the mud. Farming is the activity of the day. We will learn how to plow and

plant in the paddy field in a traditional way. We also will learn how to weave coconut fronds. These woven coconut fronds are used to make roofs or walls for huts as a resting place for the farmers.


Cooking class.
Experiencing first-hand cooking Balinese cuisine will be a memory that is hard to forget. You will be introduced in detail to a variety of ingredients and how to cook them. You will then cook some traditional Balinese dishes, such as sate lilit (satay made from minced meat or fish, wrapped around bamboo sticks), sate tusuk (satay on skewers), lawar (mixture of vegetables, grated coconut, and minced meat mixed with rich herbs and spices), pepesan tum (minced meat or fish mixed with herbs and spices, wrapped with banana leaves), gerangasem (spicy chicken soup), etc. At the end of this activity, you will be able to enjoy the dishes that you have cooked, which will be a special experience for you.

Making Offering
Learn how to make the offerings, using traditional methods. You will make different types of offerings and how beautiful decorations. Learn the symbolism of the contents of your Canang Sari(offerings), and the breakdown of the meaning of the flowers and other parts. Other than Canag Sari, you will also learn how to make gebongan, an object similar to minarets with a variety of fruits and various snacks arranged on a single-footed wooden place, usually carried by Balinese women using kebaya (Balinese cloths for a woman) which are placed above the head.


Mangrove Planting
Turtle Conservation
Art Workshops
Adventure Activities
Reef Rehabilitation
Visit Green School
Rainforest Trekking