Purification Ceremony Experience


Among its many sacred sites, Tirta Empul stands out as a pinnacle of spiritual rejuvenation and cultural immersion. Tirta Empul, meaning 'holy water spring' in Balinese.


According to Balinese Hindu belief, the water is created by the God Indra and this ritual is believed to wash away physical and spiritual impurities, ushering in a state of purity, peace, and renewed energy. 


The purification ceremony, also known as the "melukat" draws travelers from across the globe seeking spiritual cleansing and a deeper understanding of Balinese culture.

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The Purification Ritual


Upon arrival, you must rent a 'sarong' or traditional cloth, as it is required to enter the temple grounds.

For Balinese, the ceremony usually begins with prayers at the main temple. Participants are given offerings to present to the gods, accompanied by prayers led by a Balinese priest.

After praying, then proceed to the main pool, where the actual purification takes place. Following the immersion, participants often take a moment for meditation and reflection.


Respect the Local Customs:

Remember, Tirta Empul is a sacred religious site. Dress modestly, follow the local customs, and participate in the ceremony with sincerity and respect.