Mount Halimun Salak National Park

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More than 700 species of flowering plants live in natural forests within Mount Halimun Salak National Park, which includes 391 genera from 119 tribes. The natural forest types in this area are divided into lowland rain forests (100-1000 m dpal) which are dominated by the Collin Zone (500-1000 m dpal.), Lower mountain or sub montana rain forests (altitudes of 1000-1,500 dpal.) And forests middle mountain rain or montana forest (altitude 1,500 – 1,929 m dpal).


Within the Mount Halimun Salak National Park area there are various types of ecosystems contained within it are habitats of various types of rare and protected fauna. This area was once a habitat for Javan rhinos (Rhinoceros sondaicus), Javanese tigers ( Panthera tigris sondaicus ). There are 61 species of mammals, some species that are endemic to Java and endangered species. Endangered species that can still be found include Javan leopard ( Panthera pardus melas ), forest cat ( Prionailurus bengalensis ), Javan gibbon ( Hylobates moloch ), Surili ( Presbytis comata ), Lutung  ( Trachypithecus auratus ), ajag or coyote ( Cuon alpinus javanicus ), skunks ( Mydaus javanensis ) and slow loris ( Nycticebus coucang )

There are 244 species of birds, equivalent to 50% of the number of bird species that live on Java and Bali. This area has also been designated by BirdLife, an international bird conservation organization, as an important bird area (IBA, Important Bird Areas) with numbers ID075 (Mount Salak) and ID076 (Mount Halimun). These areas are especially important to save species of  Javan Hawk Eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi), Javanese fade ( Apalharpactes reinwardtii ), Javanese chorus ( Cochoa azurea ), Javanese plop ( Otus angelinae ), and Javanese fade ( Apalharpactes reinwardtii ), Javanese chorus ( Cochoa azurea ), Javanese plop ( Otus angelinae ), and Javanese fumigation ( Padda oryzivora ) (BirdLife) International, 2009).

Upon arrival in Jakarta pick up service by our guide team then transfer to hotel in the down town of Jakarta or direct to Bogor for overnight after long flight from your country. Free time at your own leisure and meals at your personal account. Please sperate the stuffs you need to bring during 3 Days 2 Nights stay during the wildlife trek and leave your stuffs you do not need during the trek and store it with our team and you can pick you up again after the trekking finished . It’s only 2 nights in the jungle

After early breakfast (or breakfast box), check out from hotel then pick up service by our guide team then transfer to Ciapus for Saung Home stay own by local people (Mang Odie) after about more or less 2 hours or 64 km way along windy and some bumpy road or 45 minutes from Bogor. Upon arrival in the Saung simple home stay under the foot of Salak Mountain in the elevation about 700 M ASL, leave your luggage and only bring your day pack with water, camera, dry bags to protect your camera, extra battery and  we start our exploration looking for endemic wildlife here such as long tail monkey, leaf monkey, eagle and other birds. We will be carefully and silently walk accompany by our guide team and local people ranger. Back to the Saung for lunch and break. After lunch then another trek to explore the jungle again looking for wild pig, deers, owl, eagles, turtles or even if you are so lucky Javan Leopard! FYI, mag Odie goats taken away by Javan Leopard. Back to saung simple home stay for overnight and dinner prepared by our guide team

Early morning we will trek around the camp for another spot looking endemic species of Halimun Salak National Park before back to the Saung for breakfast. Then we start the trek to Sunter Base Camp 1,100 M ASL that take more or less 5 hours. We are not only just trekking but on the way we will searching for Javan gibbon ( Hylobates moloch ), Surili ( Presbytis comata ), Lutung ( Trachypithecus auratus ), ajag or coyote ( Cuon alpinus javanicus ),  and skunks ( Mydaus javanensis. If you are lucky it will be Javan Leopard or Slow Loris. We will also learning how the local people survive in the jungle by learning their skills to distinguished the edible plants, medicinal plants and poisonous plant. You learn how to collect the water to survive in the jungle and other skills. Lunch on the way prepared by our guide team. You will also will pass some small stream  for dipping in the fresh cold water. Then another trek until reaching the Sunter Base Camp. Our team will prepare for our stay in the jungle in Sunter base camp. Dinner around the camp prepared by our guide and jungle team. Stay overnight at the camp site Sunter.

Early morning we will exploring around the camp searching for those exotic wildlife such as Javan Gibbon, birds, Surili Leaf Monkey, and other exotics wildlife.  After breakfast then another trek to Surya Kencana while keep searching for those exotics wildlife. Upon arrival in Water Fall time to enjoy the water fall while our team preparing your lunch. After lunch we will trek to Sukamantri camping Ground about 2 hours. On the way keep searching for those endemic wildlife. Upkn arrival in Sukamantri you have time to refersh your self and your stuffs already in the car. After some tea/coffee or refreshment, say good by with our jungle team then we drive back to your hotel Jakarta or airport for your evening flight . TOURS END – END OF SERVICES or CONTINUE THE TRIP WITH US.


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