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Besides flora and fauna, Borneo is famous for the Dayak tribe. This indigenous tribe of Borneo has unique culture and customs compared to the Indonesian who you usually see in cities. It is suggested for you attend the Dayak festival that is held annually.

Dayak Tribe Borneo at Kubung Village is located more or less 300 km away from Pangkalan Bun or more or less about 4 – 5 hours drive by car. This village has a “sister village” called Sekombulan Village and is about 5 km away from the border of West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan Province. This village belongs to Dayak Tumon and they believe in Hindu Kaharingan while some already being Christian, Catholic as well as Moslem.

Dayak Tumon Tribe

This Dayak tribe’s village is so unique due to this both Kubung Village and Sekombulan Village are the LAST FRONTIER village that defends their tropical rainforest strongly against Palm Oil Plantation surroundings their village. Both villages have a big commitment to protect their jungle against deforestation due to the palm oil plantation.  Here comes our chance to help the local people by supporting and give them courage in order to protect their tropical rainforest and our world. Support from many countries will make this tropical rainforest last longer.  

The Last Frontiers for Forest Conservation Village

Indeed, the Dayak tribe here is not really primitive as they have their own electricity from Hydro Energy manage by the villagers. However, this village is unique as we can still find a traditional longhouse (Betang), old Kaharingan Dayak grave (cemetery), and traditional rice barn (Lumbung Padi). They also have a primary and secondary forest that rich of beautiful flora and fauna such as Black Monkey, Flying Squirrels, Hornbill, Deer, Wild Boar, and even Wild Orangutan! The deeper you explore the jungle, the more beauty you can find in this tropical rain forest.

The Dayak tribe Borneo has a strong commitment to hold their ancient custom and culture as well as protect their tropical rain forest as their natural habitat. They believe if they lost their tropical rain forest will destroy their community as their lives depend on the tropical rain forest for survival, food,  medicine as well as ritual ceremony purpose.

While we do trekking or even stay overnight in the jungle we will be blessed with beautiful scenery, rich wildlife, beautiful waterfalls (about 20 waterfalls around the village as well as the time to learn how to survive in the jungle with our local Dayak team.  

In this Dayak tribe’s village, there is also school but only Primary School, while for the higher school such as Secondary School and High School they need to travel to Kudangan Village. If you want to support the locals, it is highly recommended to bring school kits/utensils or reading books to be donated to the schools.


A very big Dayak festival is held annually ( usually around 7th July, contact us to know the specific date). At this festival, people show their best traditional customs and tradition. A lot of traditional dances, sacred weapons and all precious stuff belongs to this community show off at this event.

Upon arrival in Pangkalan Bun Airport., pick up service by our guide  then transfer to Kubung Dayak Village about 300 km away or about 4 – 5 hours drive. Lunch on the way at local restaurant.  Along the way you will pass some palm oil and rubber tree plantation area, villager house, beautiful scenery. You have also time for take a break from long journey for toilet as well as tea or coffee break. Upon arrival in Kubung Village, in Delang District, Lamandau Regency then check in at local Dayak house or long house.  Free time at your own leisure and sightseeing around the village if you arrive before dark. Accommodation : Local house or Dayak long house or Local Inn (30 minutes from Kubung Village) Meals : Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast then accompany by our guide to walk about 20 minutes away to the sacred Dayak monument called Batu Batongkat (Stick Stone Monument). You will see beautiful scenery on the top of the stone. Then continue our trek passing traditional garden, huge tree, traditional rice barn, local Dayak house, old Kaharingan dayak grave before entering the primary jungle. The trek is challenging and we highly suggest to use the rubber boots as we will pass some small river, mud, up and down the hill, rock as well as slippery rock before you reach beautiful water fall about 15 meter  high and surrounding by crystal clear water and  dense tropical rain forest of Borneo. We setting lunch here by wrapping traditional lunch. Have time to relax and refreshing, you can swimming in this cold fresh water pool.  After enjoying the water pools then trek back to the village.  On the way during go or back if you are lucky you may see flying squirrel, black  monkey, Horn Bill or other exotic flora and fauna. Our guide team also would be so please to show you how to survive in the jungle, how to distinguished edible, poisonous or medicinal plants. If fruits season you may also have time to enjoy the local fruits such as durian, cempedak (bread fruits), or even enjoying how the local collecting the jungle honey (seasonal). Back to the Kubung Village for dinner and overnight at local Dayak House or at long house. In the evening after dinner you have time to join in our “Bagondang” or “Horn Bill Dance” ceremony while the local dayak people will blessing you with welcome ritual ceremony called “ikat akar tongang” /sacred Dayak bracelet for our good blessing during our trip. Many people will join in this “party” with lots of rice wine. You have time for dancing with the local dayak that considered you part of their big family. Stay overnight at local Dayak house or at long house. Accommodation : Local house / Dayak Long house or Local Inn (30 minutes from Kubung Village) Meals :Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast then drive to Kumai to board on the boat, around 4-5 hours. The boat is a traditional Klotok wooden river boat (no cabin) with a roof which forms the upper deck where you can view the rain forest as it glides by. The guide's team includes the boatman, a cook and expert guide. In the peaceful afternoon we will slowly explore the quite river by the klotok while observe the monkeys along the riverside. Meals and overnight on klotok boat. Accommodation : on klotok boat or river lodge Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast board the klotok to travel up river for about 2 hours boating and then up a side creek to Camp Leakey where the older orangutans are reintroduced into the rain forest. En route stop at Pondok Tanguy, the rehabilitation center for the new ex-captive orangutans. At Camp Leakey you will have opportunity to trek into the rain forest with your expert guide and the forestry rangers to appreciate the flora as well as perhaps sighting wild orangutans, gibbons, macaques, and birds. Lunch and dinner provided on boat. Afternoon visit the feeding station to see rehabilitate orangutans are given additional foods. Meals and overnight on boat . Accommodation : on klotok boat or river lodge
Meals :Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Another day at the park you will explore deeper in the jungle, trekking in the different trails, and you may encounter different orangutans and other wildlife, tropical rain forest of Borneo, and different beauty of nature. We can guarantee that the tropical rain forest of Borneo and its natural beauty will spoil and make your best of life time adventure experience.

Accommodation : on klotok boat or river lodge

Meals :Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast, boating down to Kumai then transfer to airport for your next destination.

Meals : breakfast


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